The first adventure with the Adeventurer went rather well. I left Kingman on the newest alignment of Route 66 and then in the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains turned south.
From this vantage point on the right side, below the hill, is the last alignment of the highway and next to it is I40.
This particular alignment is the route of the Joads in the Grapes of Wrath. It also would predate Route 66 as the National Old Trails Highway.
Several foundations, a concrete slab and huge dumps filled will all manner of broken glass, rusty tin cans and automotive parts that run the gamut from pre 1930 cowls to running board brackets, rusted spark plugs to tire carcasses, indicate a service station may have once stood here.
The run was relatively short, about thirty miles, a great maiden voyage for the old Dodge as it has been sitting for most of the past five years. As suspected this is not going to be an economy vehicle – somewhere in the 15 or 16 mile per gallon range.
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