For a half century CARS & PARTS has been a venerable institution among automotive enthusiasts. With the September issue a new era has begun.
Brad Bowling, a published automotive author with a lengthy list of editorial credits has assumed the helm. Jon Robinson, coauthor of THE BIG BOOK OF CAR CULTURE and author of several books including ROUTE 66: LIVES ON THE ROAD, THE STANDARD CATALOG OF 1950S CHEVROLET, and CLASSIC CHEVROLET DEALERSHIPS lends his expertise to a monthly column profiling General Motors History.
Dave Duricy, webmaster and creator of the ever fascinating, always informative, will pen a feature column of Chrysler history.
I have accepted a similar position and will be writing a monthly column, THE INDEPENDENT THINKER, that profiles the history of the independent automobile manufacturers. I am honored to be a regular contributor to this fine publication and for my work to appear with such august automotive historians. (Cars & Parts ordering and sales location information) (DesotoLand)

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