By Jim Hinckley

This view is from the Sacramento Valley in Arizona looking west on the pre 1938 alignment of Route 66. The California border (the Colorado River) is about forty five miles ahead.

As expected the fuel economy of the Adventurer is just a little less than needed to consider it atrocious – 11.25 on the run to Peach Springs. Now, comes the age old question of what to do about it?
Out of the blue I developed two problems at the same time, no turn signals and the truck won’t idle. Both problems occurred on the 1.5 mile drive to work!
I thought there might be a problem in regards to octane as the afternoon before I had dropped in the only gas available, 87, and made about a run of about thirty miles. So I topped off the tank with 91 octane.
This hasn’t helped the situation. The fuel filter is clean so as both problems developed at the same time perhaps there is an electrical issue to consider.

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