If you love automotive trivia, tales of the open road and the road less traveled these books are a must have.
With The Big Book Of Car Culture you can choose your ride from hearse to Model T, pick the road from Route 66 to the Lincoln Highway, stop for a pecan log at Stuckey’s, get a room for the night at the White Rock Motel and be assured the evolution of the crash test dummy has made your car safe. This award winning ecclectic collection of illustrated short stories covers all things automotive from the history of the automatic transmission to the rise of the motel, from the tail fin to Harley Davidson, from the history of the stop light to the white lines on the highway.
Route 66 Lives on the Road is the stories behind the legend. These are the stories of the people that made the highway an icon, the ordinary folks who patrolled the road, served hash to the truckers and pumped the gas.
Checker is as iconoclastic as Chevrolet or Route 66. Few, however, know the colorful history of this maverick company. This book covers it all from the companies inception in 1922 through its demise in 1982 and everything in between including the four wheel drive, four wheel steering Jeep prototype, the startling Model A of 1940, diesel engine experimentation in the 1950s and the classic Model M.
Backroads of Arizona is your passport to the oft overlooked wonders of the most beautiful state in the nation. Stunning photography by Kerrick James and word pictures by Jim Hinckley weave a tapestry so real you can smell the sage as the monsoon winds that herald a storm blow down the canyon.

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