In search of a suitable cover shot for my forthcoming title, Backroads of Route 66, my wife and I topped off the tank in the old Adventurer and headed west on the pre 1953 aligment of Route 66. The destination on this delightful November afternoon was historic Cool Springs on the eastern slope of the Black Mountains.
The traffic was light, the weather warm, and the company excellent, as is always the case when you are traveling with your best friend. As an added plus this is my old stomping grounds, the hills where I was introduced to the awe inspiring wonders of the desert in the summer of 1966.
Since the last road trip I have given the Adventurer a top to bottom inspection, set everything under the hood to factory specs, and added a littel Marvel Mystery Oil. For this run I chose higher octane fuel.
I have resigned myself to poor fuel economy with the old truck. On this trip we averaged just over 12 miles per gallon.
This is really the only fault I can find with it. The styling is quirky and though I often joke about that, it is what gives it personality.
Though the station at Cool Springs has been recreated, attention to detail has captured the essence of the original. To a large degree this is the result of the location with a backdrop of classic western scenes at every turn.

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