As the presidential race enters the hotly contested home stretch an interesting but unimportant thought came to mind. What automobiles have the presidents favored?
Bill Clinton talked with fondness for his Ford Mustang. President Wilson favored the Pierce-Arrow. George Bush has his Ford truck. But what other automobiles have presidents cherished or had fond memories of since Teddy Roosevelt became the first to take the wheel in a White steamer?
Does anyone remember Richard Nixon’s favorite car? What about Truman?
In the months to come I will post updates on this topic and supply pictures when available. Perhaps you can help with this endeavor in presidential trivia.
If you have information on the presidents and their cars or have photos or know where I can find photos drop a comment.

UPDATE: December 1, 2007
I posted this question on several message boards and must say the response has been quite interesting. From this link for the Antique Automobile Club of America go to the forum section on the right side, then to general discussion and look for the topic about cars of the presidents. There are some very interesting photos as well as stories about these cars. In this forum the discussion has been taking place in the section labled Dee Dee’s Drive In. Here too there have been some interesting posts.

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