On several occasions with this blog I have discussed the merits and shortcomings of Barney the Adventurer. In our household we are not much on naming vehicles but the Adventurer was a special case, in more ways than one.
As Don Knotts, aka Barney Fife, was the celebrity spokesman for this series of truck and as this truck has several attributes of that televison character bestowing a name seemed appropriate. Hence the Adventurer became our first vehicle to have a name.
In regards to slumping automotive sales in the United States I suppose we can assume some of the blame. After all we don’t exactly rush to acquire the latest in styling or technological advancement.
My wife drives a very worn but extremely reliable 1973 Olds 88 sedan. She has done so for more than twelve years. I believe in getting our moneys worth from every purchase and we did pay $350.00 for this car.
My primary conveyance for the last six years has been a durable and versatile 1988 Ford Crown Victoria LX Country Squire station wagon. Though the paint has long since vanished the interior remains, oddly enough, in near pristine condition.
In the years since this car was acquired from the original owner we have added just over 50,000 miles to the odometer pushing it the brink of the magic 100,000. Those miles have included numerous camping trips into the back country of Arizona and New Mexico, transported the family to Denver, California and the Mexican border, hauled all manner of goods and, on occasion, provided lodging on a rainy night high in the Arizona mountains near Flagstaff.
Never has it left us stranded and problems encountered have been relatively minor. A rear transmission seal near Gallup, a water pump, battery, brake repair, the smog pump and the usual belts, and hoses.
As we are still driving my wifes car in an effort to get the most from our purchase I wonder how long I will have to drive the Ford as we paid $2000.00 for it?