A journey through time along America’s Mother Road
By Michael Karl Witzel & Gyvel Young-Witzel
Hardcover 256 pages, 600 illustrations
Voyageur Press
http://www.voyageurpress.com or 800-458-0454
Great, another Route 66 book was the first thought to pop in to mind upon receipt of a review copy of this book. The second was that I write reviews on automotive books, not books on travel or social commentary.
This, however, is not just another Route 66 book. It is one of a handful written that adds meat to the sinew and bone as well as reality to the fantasy.
With the turning of each page, the evolution of the American highway and our fascination with the open road unfolds. From the camel caravan of Lt. Beale and the Santa Fe Trail to the bicycle craze of the late 19th century and the trials and tribulations, the early motorists faced is chronicled through informative text and extensive use of photographs, many never before published.
As to Route 66, sure there are the obligatory post cards and photos of famous attractions. There are also vintage accident photos and statistics gleaned from government reports about accidents that speak volumes about travel on Route 66 during its glory days.
This could be the definitive book on Route 66 and our fascination with it.
*Review reprinted courtesy of Cars & Parts
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