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Pontiac was riding high for 1934. A Pontiac convertible was the “Official Speedway” car at the Indianapolis 500 that year. At the Muroc Dry Lake Speed Trials, a stock Pontiac hit 93 miles per hour.
The central theme of advertisement was “Get A Straight Eight For Your Money”. Promotional material heralded, “Pontiac-the Big Car of the Low price Field.”
Numerous improvements and options ensured the buyer of a new Pontiac received real value for their hard-earned dollars. All new for 1934 were an improved intake manifold, “knee action“ front suspension, multi beam headlights, and a higher compression head.
The options list was a lengthy one that included dual side mounted spare tires, metal spare tire cover, bumper guards, Air Chief radio, heater, clock, and cigar lighter. Additionally buyers could select seat covers, spotlight, touring trunk or trunk rack, Supertone horn, Trippe lights, right hand sun visor, ash receiver set, right hand tail lamp, twin windshield wipers, and even a luggage set.
A wide array of body types was also available for 1934. The Economy Coupe, model number 34317, was the entry model with a list price of $675. Next was the Economy Sport Coupe, model number 34328, with rumble seat for $725.
The Economy Cabriolet, model number 34318, with a price of $765 was a high-end model with only the five passenger, four-door touring sedan, model number 34319, commanding a higher price, $805. In between were the standard four and two door sedans as well as a two door touring sedan.
For the collector these cars still offer excellent value for the dollar though they are relatively scarce, especially the coupes and open models. The primary obstacle in making them daily drivers is the torque tube driveline that prevents an easy resolution of the engine killing 4.55:1 rear axle ratios.
Availability of mechanical components makes it mandatory for owners to network. Trim items and accessories are quite scarce.
Engine – L-head, inline eight cylinder, cast iron block. 223.4 c.i.d., 3-3/16 x 3-1/2 bore and stroke. Compression ratio 6.2:1. Brake horsepower 84 @ 3800 RPM. Five main bearings, solid lifters, Carter 1V carburetor. Metered full pressure lubrication to all bearings.
Chassis – 3 speed synchromesh transmission with floor shift, single plate 10 inch clutch. Semi-floating rear axle. Four-wheel mechanical brakes
Economy tests results 19-24 miles per gallon.
Production – 78,859
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