My dad turned eighty today. I gave him a call and we talked for but a few minutes as he had a house full of visitors.
Jon, my friend who may be one of the Chrysler Corporations leading advocates and worst customers, stopped by on trip two of his four trip move to Nebraska from southern California. This trip was to relocate his tried and true Desoto. The previous trip was for the relocation of his 1936 Chrysler. Neither car is a trailer queen and this relocation did not break that tradition.
As noted Jon is an avid Chrysler enthusiast. As to the quip he may be their worst customer consider these vehicles are his primary mode of transport and behind the wheel of the Desoto he has logged more than 200,000 miles in about a dozen or so years. So much for the argument old cars need extensive modification to be used as transportation in the modern era.
Work is, well work. Trucks come and trucks go. The way people move about often reminds me of an ant hill that has been kicked over.
After years of having the building to myself the other half is now being renovated. It looks as though Kia is coming to Kingman.
My son sold his great grandfathers 1961 Willys Jeep truck to a friend. Now if we can just figure out where the title went this battered old war horse can have a new lease on life.
A few days ago I posted a small piece on the 1934 Pontiac. I am going to try and pitch this as a series for a leading car magazine.
In the meantime I will keep cranking out the Independent Thinker column for Cars & Parts as well as their book reviews. The column submitted last week profiled David Buick, a fascinating study in the dangers of combining intelligence, lack of business acumen and a dash of ego.
I have been tinkering with digital photography but have decided the time has come to take the plunge. So, I closed my eyes and order a new Olympus. I will post the results of the investment and you can decide if was a wise one.
The ghost town project will now be moved to the center of the plate. The deadline for this is September, not as long as you may think for a project such as this.
I am not a big fan of resolutions or goals for the New Year. I am more a steady as she goes, full steam ahead sort of fellow. I temper this with the ability to accept side trips and detours as a natural part of the journey we call life.
With that said the long term goal, for when I grow up, is to make a living as a writer. Perhaps this will be the year for the overnight success that has been almost twenty years in the making. Additional “goals” for the year include moving my house from the point where it is confused for an abandoned house to a residence that gives the appearance of habitation.
Again I will try for a successful deer hunting season. I have a new Winchester to break in and Barney the wonder truck to bring home the trophy.
As to vehicles the goal of acquiring, for use as a regular driver, a Model A Ford, preferably a pick up truck, continues as it has for most of the past thirty years. As the price has dropped precipitously for these this may be the year.
Sadly the lower price also has a dark side. It means more will go under the torch further pushing the number of survivors, historical artifacts from another time, towards zero.
In regards to vehicles the quest will continue for a pick up truck that is vintage as well as frugal on fuel. To date the focus is on anything Studebaker with stock V8 and overdrive or a 1954 Dodge with 241 V8.
This will be a milestone year, one of reflection and meditation on what has been and what will be. I have resigned myself to this as this spring I will hit the big 50.
I have learned a great deal in past half century. A few of these have led to some rock solid, unshakable convictions. One is that the Lord Jesus Christ is who He says He is, not who the televangelist says he is. The second is that another fifty years like this might kill me.