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This picture of the Kimo Cafe is from the mid 1940s as the house to the right was torn down after the war to make room for the Biddulph-Dunton dealership. This cafe is now Mr. D’s Route 66 Diner.

The Biddulph Dunton Dealership still stands on Route 66. Over the years it has served a variety of purposes including the Edsel dealership and a county building. Today the grandson of the founder operates an ATV and specialty car shop from this location.

This building is now a vacant lot east of the Power House visitor center on Route 66 (Andy Devine Avenue). The sign promoting motels without railroad noise is still in use.

The top photo is of the Hualapai Court on Route 66. This lot was cleared about twelve years ago. The second photo is of the Packard garage on 2nd Street. This is now an automatic transmission repair facility.

The Old Trails Grarage on Route 66 still stands though it now serves as a storage facility for the owner of the local Uhaul franchise. To the right of the photo is the now restored Hotel Brunswick, a building built of localy quarried stone. The bottom photo is a sign that greeted west bound travelers to Route 66.

Both the station and rock building still stand on Route 66. The gas station is now a detail shop and is to the east of the old Dunton dealership. The station in the second photo, also on Route 66, is gone with only the foundation remaining. The garage is now a Catholic chapel.

The top photo is a truck clearing the grade of Sitgreaves Pass on what was at the time the national Old Trails Highway. Until 1953 this section of Route 66 featured the steepest grades and sharpest curves found anywhere on the highway. The second picture is of downtown Kingman. The Hotel Beale still stands but the buildings to the right are now gone.

These photos are also of downtown Kingman on what would later become Route 66. The make and vintage of the trucks is unknown.

As a point of reference the old power house, now the Power House Vistor center on Route 66, is in the foreground. Indications on the photo are that these delivery trucks are Willys-Knight models. The second photo is at the old Central Commercial Building, now undergoing restoration. Central Commerical also had stores in Oatman and Goldroad on Route 66.

These trucks are a curiosity but the cab numbers indicate they are two different trucks. Any ideas as to make, model or vintage?

*These photos were acquired at a yard sales and swap meets. Most photos have no indication as to origin. Those that do show Gallup Studios, Mohave County Historical Association and Fritz Studio.