Here is an interesting mystery. Judging from the exterior and interior shots this Packard was almost new when these photos were taken. The engine is obviously not stock and in fact appears to be a steam engine. The interior photo is quite interesting for a number of reasons, most notably the under dash gauges and the lack of an accelerator pedal.
Any ideas or thoughts on this one?

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3 thoughts on “A PACKARD MYSTERY

  1. Absence of accelerator pedal may be because accelerator has been replaced by a hand pulled throttle knob, which was in vogue at that time .The extra gauges under the dash may be due to installation of air conditioning equipment in the car, as Packard was the first car to incorporate air conditioning

  2. Of the 3 Packard pictures, the upper picture shows a Stanley type valve and against the firewall, a Stanley type steam automatic which controls fuel to the main burner. In the lower picture, the right hand guage in the added cluster under the dashboard looks like an Ashton Valve Company duplex fuel pressure guage used by Stanley. I am by no means an expert on Stanleys, but the devices shown resemble items on my 1921 Stanley Touring car

  3. What is there a radiator for on a steam engine? RLK

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