I have been waiting for a break in the weather and the confusion to try out the new Olympus SP-560UZ. Well here are the first results.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge. My first impression is this is a good camera with potential limited only by my ability.
These photos were taken in the area of Fort Beale on the Beale Wagon Road. Large portions of this road were used as the original alignment of Route 66 in western Arizona.
Large areas here have been set aside as park and wilderness areas. The scope of growth in the surrounding area has been astounding.
The photo of Barney is a rare one as traffic was quite heavy yesterday morning. As stunning as the scenery is here it amazes me it survived without devlopment long enough for the city to preserve the site.
Praise the Lord for global warming! We have had weeks of daytime high temperatures in the mid to low forties. Hence my reference to weather.
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