Here are a few more shots of the old “hometown” with the new Olympus. All pictures are of scenes along the Beale Wagon Road. In a few months, in spite of the slowing economy, much of this area will have changed for the first time in centuries. So savor the moment for these scenes will be gone before you can blink.
A gravel operation has leveled a peak that, with its unique triangular white top, was a marker on the old road. Large scale development is erasing the canyon floors and climbing the towering walls and as you can see the city of Kingman is sweeping across the Hualapai Valley.
I couldn’t resist another opportunity to document the travels of Barney. In this photo Barney has just survived a bout with a mud hole and traffic that has turned this old, scenic road into a highway.
With the exception of the final edit Route 66 Backroads is finished. I will keep you posted as to date of release. Perhaps Barney, the wife, and I can visit your town for a book signing. That is unless Barney is replaced with something a little more appropriate such as a Model A or Studebaker pick up truck.
Next will be ghost towns of the southwest. Photos will be posted often and if possible a few vintage ones as well.
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