The Old Trails Garage still stands in downtown Kingman on old Route 66. The Chevrolet Sales & Service building has served a variety of purposes since this photo was taken but in its latest incarnation it serves as part of the dining facilities for the historic Hotel Brunswick next door.

The billboard below (click to enlarge) was the inspiration behind my newest title, Route 66 Back Roads. The book, as did the billboard, encourages visitors to explore Route 66 as well as the sites to be found just north or south of the iconic highway.

This leads to a book review that is really quite special to me. The Kingman Daily Miner, with assistance from the Mohave Museum of History and Arts and sponsorship from numerous local businesses, recently released a wonderful pictorial essay, Looking Back – Kingman & Mohave County, Arizona.

The photos in this book, as with those above, are like windows into a time long passed. As such they are tangible links to the people who laid the foundation for those of us who call Kingman home.

I really enjoy tangible time capsules such as old photos, memorabilia, and vintage cars. They provide me with the rare luxury of having my cake and eating it too. As with a cruise down old Route 66 I can visit the past with a smile and rejoice that I don’t live there.

This book is a delightful time capsule of more than just Mohave County. It is a portrait of a nation in a state of rapid transition, much like the country we live in today.

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