The feature on the 21st annual Route 66 Fun Run is finished and submitted. All that is left is a few final thoughts and a couple more photos that hint of the future for Route 66 and the old car hobby.
Consider the attraction generated by a near pristine Plymouth Volare station wagon and a Chrysler Cordoba of similar vintage. Or give thought to the fact the first generation Plymouth Voyager will be old enough to be considered a classic next year.
Then there is James Fishelson from Cold Spring Harbor, New York. He stumbled on the fun run as he was touring the country in an original, stock 1938 Dodge coupe .
The hot rod crowd is also experiencing a era of change. Deuce coupes and hopped up ’55 Chevies
were in attendance. However, so were modified and customized 1990 Ford Thunderbirds.
Even the perception of Route 66 continues to evolve. Long ago the highway transcended its original purpose to become an icon like the Statue of Liberty or Mt. Rushmore.
I suppose the lesson, if there is one, to be derived from the fun run is one of encouragement. As long as there are automobiles and gasoline to make them go, as long as there are open roads and historic highways with vestiges of a bygone era, there will be fun runs and similar events.

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