I have acquired a copy of Popular Monthly from January of 1904, a special addition that profiles “88 new automobiles including illustrations, descriptions, and prices”. I have yet to really have time to study the little pamphlet but couldn’t wait to share some of the tid bits.
The closing pages of this delightful little publication is filled with an array of advertisements, each a veritable time capsule.
“The Luxury of living finds fullest expression in the perfect appointments and absolute safety of Peerless Direct Drive Touring Cars”.
“Motor – The National Magazine of Motoring.”
“The St. Louis – Use the Famous Rigs that Run”.
“Northern Automobiles are rational, trustworthy, roadworthy machines that accomplish their journeys in good shape, good time, to the perfect comfort of their occupants”.
The first pages of the publication are filled with fascinating articles – “Automobile Possibilities”, Ballade of the Automobile”, “What Not To Buy When You Buy An Automobile”, “The Horse And The Automobile”, “A Short Explanation Of Technical Terms For The Uninitiated”.
The heart of this issue is thumbnail illustrations and short descriptions of 88 automobiles manufactured in the United States. A few names are quite familiar – Pierce Arrow, Packard, Apperson and Peerless. Others such as Crest-Mobile, Elmore, The Robinson, Fredonia, Berg and Santos-Dumont are new discoveries.
The short descriptions are true gems. “The Yale – double cylinder, 16 h.p., water cooled, horizontal opposed motor mounted amidships; 2 speeds and reverse; artillery wheels and 4 inch tires; wheelbase, 88 inches; tread, 54 inches; gasoline capacity, 10 gallons; water, six gallons; weight, 1,800 pounds; seats five persons; price $1,500. Thirty h.p. model, with vertical motor in front and 104 inch wheelbase, sells for $2,500 – The Kirk MFG. Co., Toldeo, Ohio. “
Stay tuned for more nuggets from the new car review of 1904.