In the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains, north of Kingman, the maze of canyons are fast becoming exclusive suburbs. Providing stark contrast between the past and present are the vestiges of lost and forgotten highways.
Long before there was a Route 66, a National Old Trails Highway, or even automobiles these roads were arteries of commerce on the western frontier. The Beale Wagon Road was one of the first even though large portions follow native trade routes. Traces of this road are difficult to find but for those who know where to look ghostly remnants can still be walked.
The road pictured here was a portion of a supply route that connected the mines of the eastern Cerbat foothills with the rail head in Kingman.
The scene presents the illusion of wilderness. In actuality the golf course is less than a half mile to the north, a new subdivision even closer, and historic Kingman a half mile to the south.
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