I looked for a photo to summarize my vacation this past week. This is the best I could do.
This is my version of the bat cave, the lair of the monkey boy, and command central. This is where I spent the week with my backside planted in a chair, piles of research material everywhere, and vintage music (Patsy Cline, Gordon Lightfoot, Marty Robbins, etc.) to set the mood.
The good news is the Arizona portion of the rough draft for the next book that will profile ghost towns of Arizona and New Mexico is almost finished. The bad news is the deadline is September 1.
Writing and promotion was the central focus of the week but all work and no play makes … Well, if you saw the Shinning then you know what the fear was.
So, time was made for a lunch date with an angel, my wife, at the Hualapai Mountain Lodge. I also dusted off and repaired the bicycle so I can do my part in thumbing the nose at who ever is responsible for gas prices, installed base board, had a bar-b-que with my son and his family, and prepared for the installation of a ceiling fan this weekend.
The Hualapai Mountains are a pine shaded oasis in the desert that is a favorite of ours though the changes of the past few years have been dramatic.
Until a few years ago there was no charge for the picnic area. When my wife was a child her folks had a cabin here on the mountain that was acquired as payment for a grocery debt. Now, there are multimillion dollar homes.
Where I used to camp and listen to the winds in the pines as well as the creaking of an old windmill is now a subdivision overlooking Kingman. The wire I strung at the old corral has been replaced by privacy fence around a pool.
We decided some time ago we could live in a past that is as dead as Elvis Presley in sadness or enjoy our memories and work towards making new ones. This delightful day we worked towards the later.
The old lodge built by the CCC burned many years ago and though the replacement just isn’t the same in some ways it is even better. The food was good, the company even better, and the escape from the heat a welcome diversion.
Later this week I will post some fascinating tid bits gleaned from research for the ghost town boo. I think you will be surprised.

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