The photos for tonight’s post are of a 1927 Rickenbacker and 1924 Chandler respectively. These photos will be the accompanying illustrations for forthcoming Independent Thinker columns which are regular features I pen for Cars & Parts.
Both cars represent the closing years of an era when it was the independent thinker that determined the direction of the American automotive industry. The more I delve into the history of this period the more convinced I become that if the American automobile industry is to survive the time has come for a return to the type of independent thinking represented by these two automobiles.
Today these automobiles, or more specifically these photos of automobiles, represent a new chapter in my never ending learning curve. The past few evenings have been devoted to learning the intricacies of a photo scanner and these are the result.
There is a link between my need to learn the intricacies of the modern electronic age and the early independent thinking automotive manufacturers. That link is the ability to embrace modern technology, be optimistic about the future, and to learn from the mistakes of others.
On the Route 66 front plans are afoot to resurrect the Route 66 Association of Kingman. The organization was born of frustration with the state association more than a decade ago. It died on the vine with disorganization and a revitalized state association that transformed the Fun Run into an icon.
Other exciting news on this front includes a motorcycle tour that will be following the entire route in mid July. As many of the participants will be from Europe I am eager to get a first hand account of their impressions of Route 66 and the American legend that is Harley Davidson as the Road King will be the primary bike of choice for their trip.
Several weeks ago I promised several special posts. This weekend I will keep that promise with a detailed photo essay and travel diary of the legendary family truckster, a sneak peak at my forthcoming book, Ghost Towns of the Southwest, and an update on Route 66 Backroads.
An added feature will also debut this weekend – original Route 66 and southwestern photos available as prints for framing. As they say in the funny papers – stay tuned.

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