With styling like this, power that thumbs its nose in defiance of rising gasoline prices, and a production run of a mere 6400 units this is truly a modern as well as future classic. Additionally, the 2008 Dodge Challenger provides a direct link to those pulse pounding days when cars with names such as Challenger, GTO, and Javelin were most every boys dream.
Chrysler design deserves an “A” for elevating the concept of retro styling to that of art. It also quickens the heart to know that the American automobile industry is alive and well.
With that said this car is a marked departure from the 1970 Challenger that inspired it. The new Challenger has doors that close with a solid feel, has seats that are comfortable though firm, and more amenities than my home.
I have always liked the styling of the Mopar “muscle cars built between 1966 and 1971. When we married my wife was driving a 1970 Charger and her mother drove a 1973 Charger SE, a 53,000 original mile car that is now in the hands of my brother in law.
I worked on used car lots in the mid 1970s and remember with clarity the issues with doors, loose windows and other components that plagued these cars when they were but a few years old. That is why the prices they now command astounds me but not the reason I never chased after them.
Simply put I am a pick up truck man. Over the years I have had a few muscle cars such as a 1965 Pontiac 2+2 but my heart was always with trucks – solid, rugged, dependable trucks.
This review of the new Challenger is not complete. I haven’t had the opportunity to “test drive” it. Stay tuned, even though I probably have a better chance to write a review on driving the legendary Duesenberg than this modern American classic form Chrysler.
This car was photographed at Martin Swanty Chrysler in Kingman, Arizona on Route 66.
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