Okay, my education on using the new camera is incomplete. This photo is of a moon rise over the bluffs that loom over the old Mohave-Prescott Toll Road.
As I sat in the ruts of the old road waiting for the moon to clear the ridge I listened to the coyotes howl and gave the imagination free reign. There was nothing to break the illusion that it was the 19Th century or that I was miles from civilization instead of a few blocks from Kingman and Route 66.
Counted among the many things I treasure about the deserts of the southwest are the summer evenings, warm with a soft breeze and skies so clear you often feel as though you can touch the stars.
For those motoring west on the old double 6 across the deserts I highly recommend taking part of the drive at night, stopping under the canopy of stars, and listening to the silence. Remember, watch for snakes as they like the cool evenings as well!
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