So, you want to be a writer. Well, before you quit your day job let me give you a quick look into the life of a “successful” writer.
As I have a full time job most evenings and weekends in August were spent finalizing the text for Ghost Towns of the Southwest and correlating a source file for illustrations in an effort to meet the September 1st deadline. I also met the deadline for submission of my monthly column, The Independent Thinker, for Cars & Parts magazine.
September was a bit of a blur as in addition to the monthly column I initiated promotion of Route 66 Backroads, due for release at the end of October, and the second printing of Backroads of Arizona scheduled for release at the same time. This included updating this blog, my blog on, discussing the book on numerous forums and laying out a battle plan for October. In my spare time I gave a sermon in Peach Springs, attended a birthday party and all of the other things that make up the day to day life her on planet earth.
I kicked off October with a romantic interlude to celebrate our 25th anniversary and reward my dear wife for her patience, her support, her prayers, and her encouragement that played an important part in the completion of another book. The only thing better than having an uninterrupted weekend with my wife is having an uninterrupted weekend with my wife in a place like Bisbee interspersed with long drives through some of the finest country in the southwest.
The remainder of the vacation week was spent sending out press releases, putting out fires at the office, granting interviews to the Jackson Citizen Patriot, Esquire, the local television stations About Kingman program, and the scheduling of book signings.
To say I have been blessed in these endeavors would be an understatement. Next week I have an interview on AM Arizona. Plans are afoot for a holiday signing at Hastings Books & Music in Kingman, another at Auto-Aero Books in Burbank, California, the week of the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, and another at the Barstow Route 66 Mother Road Museum the following day.
Along the way I have discovered some great sites, wonderful folks, and some inspirational people. In the latter category is Ralph Teetor, the subject for the February, 2009, installment of The Independent Thinker.
This amazing man obtained the first patent for an automatic transmission, for cruise control, and dozens of other things. He started a scholarship program and spearheaded educational initiatives. Incredibly he accomplished all of this and more even though he was blinded in an accident at the age of five!
There is a country song that sums it up quite well, I believe part of the lyrics note this is a crazy, magic, sometimes tragic, awful wonderful life. I must agree.
At this rate I may really fulfill that childhood dream and become a writer when I grow up!
Here are a few links for delightful internet detours discovered in my adventures during the past few months.
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