This could be your gateway to adventure.
After a false start and a decade of inactivity the Kingman Route 66 Association is roaring to life. With a razor sharp focus on a goal of introducing the world that rolls along this iconic highway to the wonders of Kingman, Arizona, the small group has set their sites on a couple of interesting goals.
At the general membership meeting scheduled for November 13, 2009, the board will present information on these goals, seek ideas on how to bring them to fruition, and lay out a step by step plan. The vote will be step one.
The first project will do more than enhance the community. It will also link two Route 66 communities, Peach Springs and Kingman, and introduce visitors to an obscure corner of history.
The proposed mural would actually greet visitors arriving in Kingman from the north on US 93 near the site of Fort Beale, about two miles north of Route 66.
As envisioned the mural would present the history of the Hualapai people from their creation story to the future which is the sky walk at Grand Canyon. It would also feature dark chapters int hat history including the “Trail of Tears” when the Hualapai were relocated from the initial reservation at Fort Beale to the Colorado River.
The second idea is as equally daring – transforming the south side of Route 66 through the historic district into a string of vintage signs with glowing neon. The basic concept is to resurrect all manner of historic signs representing decades of Route 66 history, restore them, and space them out along the highway through town.
The Kingman Route 66 Association would appreciate notification of locations where these signs can be found. If you have an old sign that you would like to donate please contact them at the above email address.
Moreover, if you are interested in becoming a member please contact them at the same address.
Here are a few links to surprises awaiting discovery in Kingman –
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