I discovered this item on Route 66 News today and was quite excited. I enjoy vintage cars and trucks but few things help melt stress like a long walk of bicycle ride.
That as well as the fact I have dreamed of riding a bicycle across the United States for at least forty years and ride my bicycle to work, along Route 66, four or five times a week make this idea even more exciting.
On other fronts the promotion of the new book, Route 66 Backroads, has added to an already heavy schedule. However, it has also opened doors to new learning experiences and introduced me to a number of fascinating people. http://www.motorbooks.com/Store/ProductDetails_40566.ncm
Last week I was introduced to the world of live television interviews on AM Arizona. The response has been quite positive so I can add something new to the resume.
As the interview was in Prescott at 9:00 AM we decided to allow three hours for the trip and finding the studio. It would seem the intricacies of alarm clocks are something I need to learn.
In general I am on auto pilot and start most every day at 5:00 AM, plus or minus a half hour, without the alarm clock. To ensure we kept to schedule I set the alarm clock and in so doing also set the time back one hour. Suffice to say we had a good laugh and had plenty of time for getting ready.
After the interview I rewarded the fan club (my dear friend and wife) for her patience with a dinner at one of our favorite eateries, The Pine Country Restaurant in Williams on Route 66. As always the food was good and the atmosphere even better. We made a leisurely drive back on old Route 66 with an occasional stop to savor the cool breeze and for me to dispose of excess coffee.
On November 21 we will begin an epic adventure – my first trip into the Los Angeles area in thirty years. For my wife it has been even longer.
As it stands now the plan is to drive to Barstow, Victorville, or Hesperia after work on Friday evening, a drive of about 250 miles. Even though this will push the expenses up a bit it will alleviate allot of the stress the following morning.
My son has graciously agreed to house sit and take care of the old moth eaten cats. I think part of his families eagerness to assist in this manner has something to do with our refrigerator being better stocked than his. Regardless, it helps us all have a small vacation.
Our destination is Auto-Aero Books in Burbank for a signing of three books. http://www.autobooks-aerobooks.com/
The original idea had been to take in the LA Auto Show since we will be in the neighborhood. Instead we decided to treat ourselves with a trip to the beach, our first since my son married. So, we decided to close our eyes and stay in Santa Monica on Route 66 (Santa Monica Boulevard), take in the beach as well as the historic pier. http://www.santamonicapier.org/
Sunday morning it is off to exciting El Segundo for a visit to a fascinating new automotive museum. I will be on assignment as this is to be the subject of a feature in a forthcoming issue of Cars & Parts magazine. http://www.automobiledrivingmuseum.org/ I will provide details on my return.
Plans for the drive home Sunday are loose with only one deadline, getting to Barstow to sign books before 3:00 PM. Hopefully we will also have time to check out the museum. http://www.route66museum.org/
Then it will be time for a relaxing cruise along Route 66. Dependant on weather and exhaustion we hope to document this leg of the trip with some photographs for fans of the old double six. I will share an update with photos about a week after our return.
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