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Another week has slipped by and I am left scratching my head in wonder. As of late it seems as though the hour hand has become the second hand on a stop watch.
Since I talk often about the Pine Country Restaurant in Williams, Arizona, it seemed a photo was warranted. This was our lunch stop last week on the way home from Prescott even though it was a detour of about fifty miles. How is that for a testimonial!
The other photos of Williams hint at what all of the excitement about Route 66 is. It is a living time capsule, frosted with vibrancy and sprinkled with whimsy.
As you can see I was a bit too tired for photography. Sorry about the unprofessionalism.

The stark desert photos were taken in the hills above Camp Beale Springs. The hiking trails through the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains and stunning scenery make this a near perfect place for a few hours of solitude.
While walking these hills I often reflect on the split personality of history. As it is often written by the winners more often than not it is presented in a manner similar to looking at the world through a warped pane of glass.
There are two monuments at the gate to Fort Beale Springs, first location for the Hualapai Indian reservation. One presents this camp as an historic milestone in the western advancement of America.
The second is more somber. It was placed here by the Hualapai tribe and commemorates this as the site of an internment camp in the genocidal war against native people.
Its funny, in a dark sort of way, how two opposing view points can both be right. However, to have a correct and complete view as well as understanding of the lessons of history it is imperative to take both perspectives and place them in the context of the times.
I suppose these feelings and thoughts were magnified as a result of last evenings adventure; a trip down Route 66 under stormy skies to dinner and church with friends in Peach Springs on the Hualapai Reservation.
The next few weeks look as though they will be quite exciting and very busy. First, there is the plethora of unexpected surprises and the dozens of new people to meet that is one of the perks of managing a truck rental agency.
Second, is the general membership meeting of the Route 66 Association of Kingman. This is scheduled for Thursday evening at 7:00 PM at Calico’s. I will update you on progress next weekend.
Third, is trying to devise new and innovative ways to promote my books, land new projects, and keep up with a schedule that is akin to the eight second rides of my youth (a rodeo analogy for those unfamiliar with that sport). These are most definitely exciting times.
Last but not least are the preparations for the trip to Burbank and the sun splashed concrete jungle that is the Los Angeles basin. I can not deny the excitement is building as the adventure draws closer.
Until next time …
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