That line from a classic work of literature may never have been as applicable as it is today. The tattered remnants of our once vibrant auto industry stand on the abyss, one step from joining the ranks of Hudson, DeSoto, and Studebaker in the dust bin of history.
The flip side is an increasing fascination with vintage automobiles and experimentation with new technologies.
Folks are loosing their jobs and their homes. Folks are rediscovering lost arts of canning and the importance of family.
All of this reflection leads to thoughts on lost highways and their future in America. Will there be a place for them in the future? Will there still be the romanticism for these lonely stretches of asphalt?
Well, we have Neil Young converting a vintage Lincoln into an alternative energy/hybrid. We have the automobile driving museum that has the attention of a demographic from nine to ninety.
Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway have become larger than life icons. Can you imagine America without the Oregon Trail, the Osage Trail or the Post Road?
In spite of hard times, in spite of the storm looming on the horizon take a breather. Rediscover the back roads in your neighborhoods. Perhaps a refresher course in what is so special about America will change the perspective, perhaps on your return you will be amazed to find the glass half full instead of half of half empty.
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