In the rush of things this past few weeks I lost track of what has been shared and what hasn’t. So, if any of this sounds familiar please forgive me for the memory lapse.
With the help of Sam Jackson, Kit Foster and the fine folks at the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club I was able to finish the special two page Independent Thinker column profiling the first generation Hudson Super Six as well as the feature on the other vehicles built by this pioneering auto manufacturer for the March, 2009, issue of Cars & Parts magazine.
As a teaser this photo is of Ralph Mulford at the wheel of a stripped down Hudson Super Six in 1916. The photo is courtesy of the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club.
As I was packing to leave the signing at Auto-Aero Books it dawned on me that Jay Leno visits the store often enough on Saturdays that they reserve a space for him and that he is one of the few people who owns, drives and repairs a Doble steamer. As the next installment for The Independent Thinker will be a profile of Abner Doble and his amazing car I jotted a quick note to Mr. Leno, stuck it to a copy of Cars & Parts, and left it with the manager.
As it turned out I missed Mr. Leno by mere minutes. And apparently that particular day he happened to be driving the Doble. Well, if I would have caught up with him that afternoon my promise to take the wife to the beach and Santa Monica Pier at sunset would have been jeopardized. Again, play the hand your dealt and smile, life is short.
I learned of his visit when we returned home and checked the messages. Why I didn’t think of making arrangement in advance will remain a mystery.
Thanksgiving was a day of blessing, a time of reflection, good food, good friends and lots of thanksgiving.
We march to the tune of a different drummer at our house and on Thanksgiving this year that meant my wife started early preparing cheese enchiladas, avocado salad, chili verde, pumpkin pie, and sliced fruit with whipped cream. My darling bride is a first rate cook and another of the great mysteries in life is why I don’t weigh three hundred pounds.
We baby proofed the living room/office so the granddaughter could have free reign. My son and his family arrived about 10:00 and shortly after dinner we were surprised by a visit by a dear friend from Utah and his wife who hails from Germany. So we prepared dinner round two and I had my second desert of the day.
We have the most delightful conversations and the time flies so quickly when they visit. His wife challenges and stimulates with her questions and sharp insights and it is always with a touch of sadness that we say goodbye.
The week following Thanksgiving has been a blur. I was informed that Lonely Planet in conjunction with BBC has launched a new magazine and my latest book, Route 66 Backroads, received an excellent review.
I finished the first series of ghost town sidebars for True West and am awaiting word of any adjustments that may be needed to meet the editors needs.
Ironically this is a fulfilment of a long dream, one that was very similar to that of another former Kingman resident, managing editor and owner of True West, Bob “Boze” Bell.
The rest of my time was divided between the real job, the one that pays the bills, looking for ways to make a dollar by writing, and selling Route 66 Backroads. An idea that has come to mind in regards to the latter two was a way to promote the book, encourage people to explore Route 66 and America’s back roads, and support museums and businesses along Route 66.
It started with Henry’s Rabbit Ranch. When I heard he was selling my latest book a note of thanks was sent. This was followed by this offer: anyone who buys one of my books from Henry’s and that stops by my office in Kingman will receive a goodie bag as well as a signature for their book.
Well, this offer has been extended to anyone who purchases a book from a Route 66 based gift shop or museum and who stops by with a receipt. It looks as though the goodie bag will be an evolving thing as it too has been expanded to include any discount coupons provided by a Route 66 gift shop or museum as well as promotional material pertaining to Route 66. So, one day it will be a shopping bag and the next day a candy bag.
If you have anything to add to the goodie bag drop me an email at and I will supply a mailing address. Likewise, if your going to be in Kingman let me know and I will provide the office address on Route 66.
Until next time, happy motoring!
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