An acquaintance from Holland, Dries Bessels, who is a fan of Route 66 (and apparently Harley Davidson) sent this Christmas greeting. The passenger on Dries bike is Sinterklaas.
Dries is the primary catalyst in launching the Dutch Route 66 Association. These links are to his photo album and the official website for the Dutch Route 66 Association
A recent poll on transportation choices circulated among Route 66 enthusiasts relfected interesting, but not surprising results. One question comes to mind after reading the results. I wonder how to get those who love their bikes and the highway to take the noise level down a notch or two.
POLL QUESTION: What is your favorite way to experience Route 66? CHOICES AND RESULTS- Motorcycle, 35.29% – Classic Car, 38.24% – Modern Hybrid, 0.00% – RV, 0.00% – Bicycle, 2.94% – No Preference, 23.53%

Speaking of Harley Davidson and Route 66 here are a couple of links for stories of interest. “Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, who chairs the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Commission, said she expects riders to arrive early via Route 66, which she predicts will be a major beneficiary of the rally. Organizers said Oklahoma City already has made a good impression with HOG.” For the full story click on the link above.
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