How can I summarize a week like this past one in 1,000 words or less? Work, flu, company Christmas party and a book signing at Hastings Books, Music & Videos.
On Wednesday afternoon I developed a sore throat and a fever within one hour of feeling fine. A couple cups of hot herb tea, a little prayer, and a good nights sleep left me feeling better but weak so I drove to work instead of riding the bicycle (there was no one to call as a replacement).
I have a tendency to blow off colds and work through them but my concern is that someone will catch my bug. As it was to be a very slow day as far as customers and reservations the decision was made to go for it.
Wrong answer. By the end of the day I was shaking like a leaf and ached everywhere. The mere thought of driving home seemed an overwhelming obstacle.
As I came through the door my dear bride was waiting for me with a huge bowl of homemade potato and vegetable soup. This, her smiling face, a good hug, a little prayer and some more herbal tea led to another good nights sleep.
I was low on energy both Friday and Saturday, beat off a severe sinus headache but still managed to have a pretty good couple of days. The book signing on Saturday was particularly enjoyable as I met and spoke with a lot of the folks that used to write me often when I was a columnist for the Kingman Daily Miner.
Sunday was a restful, quite day. The morning was spent reading followed by fighting with the cat over the most comfortable chair in the house and a spot in the sun for a nap followed by the company Christmas party.
Today, I made a valiant effort to make up for lost time, reflected on how blessed I am to live along Route 66 with my dearest friend and eagerly awaited the first major winter storm of the season.
For a fan of vintage iron and meeting interesting people living along Route 66 is to have a front row seat to a never ending parade. The DeSoto pictured here is but one of the amazing things that seem to just turn up around here.
In the past couple of months I have seen a fellow running the length of Route 66, missed a couple of reporters from Iceland driving the highway in a 1961 Cadillac, and talked with a fascinating young man who was proudly driving the all original 1954 Chevy truck inherited from his grandfather home to California from New Mexico. Then there are the treats that are planned and eagerly awaited.
My new mantra is, “I don’t care because I am taking my wife to the mountains.” Next Sunday our plan is for a brunch at Hualapai Mountain Lodge and a hike in the Hualapai Mountains. With the storms rolling through this week we have the promise that our visit will be to a snowy wonderland among the pines and towering peaks.
This mantra will be used for several weeks. In January we will be taking a trip along old Route 66 to Flagstaff for another book signing. This also provides for an excuse to stop at the Pine Country Restaurant in Williams, one of our favorite eateries.
So, I end this summary of the week that was on Route 66 with an apology. I must apologize to Cort, organizer of that exciting Route 66 cruise scheduled for next September. With my schedule and the flu that put me in bed early every night I didn’t get a chance to post the promised pictures of my earlier rides – the 1955 Ford Fairlane, the 1970 Chevy C10, 1975 Ford F100, 1969 Cadillac convertible or 1949 Chevy panel truck. By next weekend, I promise.
Stay tuned. Coming soon more from the Automobile Driving Museum, an explanation for the photo from the Hackberry General Store, and perhaps, rare photos of Route 66 and the deserts of Arizona dusted in snow.
In the mean time is there any Route 66 business, museum or association interested in joining me in a unique promotional enterprise? I am offering anyone who stops by my office in Kingman (Penske Truck Leasing on Route 66) with my newest book and a receipt that they purchased it from a Route 66 based museum or gift shop an autograph and a free goodie bag stuffed with all manner of Route 66 promotional material.
Do you have anything to include in the goodie bag? Drop me a note and I will provide a mailing address.
For everyone else out cruising the old double 6 if you need directions, a cup of hot coffee, or area information I hope you will stop by. What brightens a day at work better than a visit from another member of the fan club for this iconic highway?
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