Well, it would seem the book signing at Hastings Books, Music, & Videos scheduled for the 17th of January has been postponed. Apparently the store management has decided not to operate as an open air market after the roof collapsed due to excessive snow.
Not to be deterred by this minor setback and with visions of the Pine Country Restaurant dancing in our head we decided to pursue plan “B”. http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-20148929R-pine_country_restaurant-i So, arrangement has been made with Barnes & Nobles in Flagstaff for them to order extra copies of Backroads of Arizona, Route 66 Backroads, and The Big Book of Car Culture and I will sign those in inventory on our trip to Flagstaff.
Hopefully, we will be able to visit some old friends and sign books at their stores along the way.
The good book says to rejoice in all things. Well, in this instance the change in schedule allows more time for enjoying the trip. It also provides more time to photograph Peach Springs for a feature that will appear in the spring issue of Route 66 magazine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peach_Springs,_Arizona
As an unofficial reporter for Dries Bressel with the Dutch Route 66 Association it will also provide time to get some fresh material for them as well. http://www.rte66.nl/index.php/het-laatste-nieuws
On the home front the pesky bug picked up just before the first of the year is hanging on for dear life. This has put a kink in my bicycle ride to work.
In spite of the3 flu bug my wife and I have been taking advantage of sunny days to explore the mountain trails around Ft. Beale and Beale Springs. I have always enjoyed this area and the views are nothing short of stunning. I am really glad the city of Kingman had the foresight to set aside this land as a buffer to development. http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/az/campbealesprings.html
For the next installment of The Independent Thinker, my monthly column for Cars & Parts magazine, I chose to focus on the early pre GM exploits of William Durant. His story presents an excellent study in the importance of not becoming to myopic about the short term benefits of wealth or how fleeting such an acquisition is. http://www.carsandparts.com/
Meanwhile at the office, the real job, its business as usual. It is almost as though someone kicked over an ant den with people moving everywhere. On more than one occasion I am left with the impression there is little forethought or planning behind the move, just mere reaction to circumstances.
I am eagerly hoping and am laying plans for a Route 66 cruise next year. In addition to sharing the wonders of the road with my wife, many of which would be new to her, and promoting my book I hope to meet some of the fine folks along the highway met through correspondence and shared interest. Topping that list would be the proprietor of Afton Station. http://www.aftonstation66.com/afton.shtml
I would really like to meet as many folks as possible along the way. For those who sell books and such along the route perhaps I can stop, share a cup of Joe, and sign a few for you. And if you don’t sell books I am still up for a good cup of coffee.

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