What do you get if you combine the legend of Route 66, a quintessential western landscape where towering buttes and mesas dominate the horizon, and a cornucopia of historic sites associated with the classic era of the American west? The answer would be Kingman, Arizona.
Countless thousands have rolled west through Kingman on Route 66 blissfully unaware of the rich history, stunning scenery and fascinating sites that even a cursory stop will reveal. The good folks at Old Trails Tours have decided to rectify this. http://oldtrailtours.com/
Now, even an afternoons stop is sufficient time to discover a bit of the history behind the grandaddy and great granddaddy of Route 66 – The National Old Trails Highway and the Beale Wagon Road. One recommendation I have for those who hire the services of Old Trails Tours is to bring an extra memory card or plenty of film as you will want to preserve the stunning sites you see and share them with others.
Recent polls and studies reveal that the American icon that is Harley Davidson is the preferred mode of transport on Route 66. Here too Kingman has something special to offer those seeking the wonders of the double 6 with the wind in their face. http://rt66riders.org/?page_id=4
If you choose to arrive by train, or motorcycle, and are in need of temporary transportation for your explorations of the wonders found along Route 66 in western Arizona, Martin Swanty Chrysler has just what you need. Their Route 66 Explorer package featuring a rental car and guide book was introduced on January 1 of this year. http://www.martinswantychrysler.com/
The package offers the visitor a Kia Optima or PT Crusier, from Friday until Monday morning, with 750 free miles and a signed copy of Route 66 Backroads for $99.95. http://search.voyageurpress.com/?q=jim%20hinckley The stipulations are that the driver be 25 years of age with a valid drivers license, major credit card and verification of full coverage insurance.
This dealership also is opening their repair facilities to anyone traveling along Route 66. Among the services offered are a free vehicle inspection with each lube, oil and filter service which is discounted 10%.
Planning your trip to coincide with one of the many unique festivals held throughout the year in the Kingman area is sure to enhance any adventure along the Main Street of America. Here is a calendar of events to make that task a little easier. http://www.kingman-az.com/Kingman_Events.htm
So, the next time your motoring west, or east, on Route 66 take the time to see what surprises await in Kingman. After all Clark Gable and Carol Lombard took time for a memorable stop, Andy Devine liked it so much he called it home, Charles Lindbergh saw fit to lay out an airfield here and Amelia Earhart made the trip to cut the ribbon, and Barney Oldfield and Louis Chevrolet took time out to repair their cars here as they roared through town in the last of the great Desert Classic Cactus Derby races.

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