Pink Cadillacs turned white, the dark browns and reds of the desert vanished and the landscapes that embrace Route 66 in western Arizona became a winter wonderland for the second time in two months. The towering buttes and mesas that dominate the western skyline in Kingman, Arizona, vanished in shrouds of white as the clouds, heavy with snow, dropped lower.
This photos were taken in the historic district last Monday afternoon. This weekend I will post photos taken Tuesday morning after the storm had passed.
For a brief moment as I waded through the snow, pried open my frozen truck door, and scrapped the snow and ice from the windshield memories of my years in Michigan came to mind. These ghosts from the past lasted but a short time as the mist lifted and the stunning, breathtaking majesty of snow capped mountains at every turn were illuminated by the rising sun.
I never need an excuse to show my dear love how much she means to me but today is Valentine’s Day. So, today after work and delivery of three cases of signed books to Import Corner, a fascinating store at the Kingman Airport that is a cross between a Turkish market and a Las Vegas swap meet, I plan on surprising her with a lunch at Yesterday’s Restaurant in Chloride.
We planned on a trip to Windy Point and lunch in Chloride several weeks ago but the weather wasn’t conducive for a trip high into the Cerbat Mountains. I am quite sure Barney could make the climb to Windy Point today but as I am sure the road will be rough, washed out, muddy and in some places snow covered we will save that drive for another day.
Tomorrow, dependant on weather, we may head for Peach Springs as I have been asked to speak at a church there. As there is a storm moving in and the last one dumped two feet of snow on Route 66 in the Peach Springs area we are on a wait and see mode for that trip.
Projects on the burner for the next week include follow up on restoration of a vintage Packard sign for the Old Trails Garage, a meeting of the Route 66 Association of Kingman, and final planning for the launching of a website. As envisioned the website will feature a book store filled with route guides, maps, and similar material for highways such as Route 66 and the Lincoln
Highway, this blog, a photo gallery, an information center, and interactive page for the sharing of ideas on historic highway travel.
As always your thoughts, ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. I am a relative newcomer to the world of website design and can use all of the help I can get.
I am not sure if time will allow for a new post with photos of the snow or the trip to Chloride this weekend. So, lets plan on having these for you on Monday.

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