The winds of change, good as well as bad, are blowing all across this land. In Kingman, the self proclaimed “Heart of Historic Route 66”, the winds are all good, the sails are rapidly filling, and soon this may be the premier Route 66 destination.
The historic City Cafe, a landmark on Route 66 for more than a half century, the former Texaco station next door, and the Imperial Motel are about to become a memory as a new Walgreen’s takes their place. In the past only faded photographs served to mark the passing of landmarks such as these. These, however, will be immortalized as their signs are refurbished and planted along Route 66.
Meetings with Mayor John Salem and the city council indicate that the dream to once again make Route 66 through Kingman into a neon canyon is about to become a reality. What an exciting prospect!
Another indication that the winds of change are about to transform Kingman and its historic district are found in the extensive plans being laid for a year of activities in the historic district as well as all along the Route 66 corridor. Street drags and art festivals, evening block parties and the Power House centennial celebration are but a few of the festivities being planned.

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