The Old Trails Garage on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona, has housed a number of automotive franchises including Packard, Jeep, and Cadillac-Lasalle.

The recent demolition of the Desert Drug, the Frontier Bar, and Frontier cafe exposed an original exterior wall of the Old Trails Garage that was built in 1910. Plans are underway to seal this wall and paint murals that will present the illusion you are looking into a vintage auto repair facility on the now sealed doors and windows.

The front of the Old Trails garage faces Andy devine Avenue, the post 1938 alignment of Route 66. In 1914, when Louis Chevrolet and Barney Oldfield stopped for repairs here during the Desert Classic Cactus Derby the garage was just a half block from the National Old Trails Highway. Plans are underway to refurbish and rehang the vintage Packard sales and service that hung over this door during the 1940s.

The Imperial Motel has cast its shadow onto Route 66 since the mid 1960s. In March the motel will be but a distant memory as a new Walgreen’s will be built on this site. The sign will be preserved as part of the forthcoming project to line the south side of Route 66 through the historic in Kingman with vintage signs.

This vintage Route 66 gas station is also scheduled for demolition as part of the Walgreen’s project. In the late 1950s this was a Texaco station.

This building is also scheduled for demolition. Over the years it has served a variety of purposes, most recently as a discount furniture store.

The Hot Rod Cafe was a short lived incarnation of the City Cafe, a route 66 and Kingman landmark for more than a half century. As with the Imperial Motel sign this one will be restored as the City Cafe advertisement.

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