My how time flies! The Route 66 Fun Run, scheduled for the first weekend in May, is fast approaching. It seems like only yesterday I took these photos at the Fun Run and here it is again.
This year I will wear two hats at this legendary Route 66 event. First, I will be signing books (Route 66 Backroads, Backroads of Arizona, and The Big Book of Car Culture) at the Power House visitor center. Second, I will be chronicling the event as much as possible with my camera.
I am quite excited about one project that is nearing completion, the creation of an interactive website that will include this blog. The idea behind was the desire to see an all inclusive website for information on Route 66, the Lincoln Highway and other historic highways.
In addition to news and organizational links there wil be book and restaurant reviews as well as feature articles and a photo gallery where prints may be purchased. For those who love to cruise the back roads there will be tech tips, book reviews on automotive related titles, and feature articles on automotive history.
As always I will keep you posted so stay tuned for further details.

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