First and foremost I would like to apologize to followers of the chronicles as well as to those who have dropped a note and been patiently awaiting a reply. I will update the blog soon with more tales of adventure and answer all correspondence as quickly as possible.
I have been pouring a great deal of time into finishing the promised webs site – route66info.com. The plan is till on for initial launch this weekend.
A quick summary of content includes a Route 66 page with books, news, features, links, and photos and a Route 66 Backroads page with similar material for the “other” highways like the Lincoln and US 6. In addition there will be a souvenir shop, Memory Lane Garage featuring a wide array of automotive books, photos, tech tips, links and similar information and a few dozen surprises for fans of the double six, lost highways and the tail fin (or Harley Davidson or the Model A or Hudson or …).
In addition to the website, time has been consumed with a wonderful visit from an old friend that has led to the planning of an epic camping trip sometime towards the end of March, saying adios to my dear friend in Peach Springs, Pastor Harlan Dennis and his charming wife, and keeping up with the escalating response to Route 66 Backroads. Complicating things immensely has been the weather.
With temperatures hovering near seventy degrees it is almost criminal to let work related things keep me under house arrest. So, my dearest friend and I have been snatching every available opportunity for walks in the desert accompanied with a quick picnic lunch. As always I have photos and as always I will share these soon.
Thank you for the patience.