We have lift off! Well, sort of.
The website – www.route66infocenter.com – is up and going but as expected there are a few minor, frustrating, and hopefully easy to fix snags.
A quick list includes Memory Lane Garage is not accessible from the home page. However, when tried from any other page there does not seem to be an issue other than slow loading.
This leads us to the Route 66 page. Everything here seems functional but the page loads slower than a sloth on sleeping pills.
To say the very least this adventure has been an education. I am rather happy with the overall success as I went into this totally green armed with a handful of books but still am not relishing the idea of trying to fix snags.
You might say I am worn out – in the past two weeks I have designed this website, written another installment of The Independent Thinker for Cars & Parts magazine, posted a few quick notes on the blog, finalized arrangements for a whirlwind trip (36 hours) to Carlsbad, California, worked with the church in Peach Springs, made progress on the historic sign renovation project, taken care of mother’s errands and held a full time job. Phew!
As always my dearest friend has been a true blessing. With gentle nudging she has encouraged to me take a little break here and there for a drive or hike in the desert and a picnic lunch. I so love adventures like these, especially in the company of my dearest friend.
Sunday may have been the best one yet. We drove to Red Lake, a dry lake about thirty miles north of Kingman, and then aimlessly drove around on the lake bed. I post photos of dusty Barney in this stark setting soon.
To say the very least I am counting the days until the first camping trip of the season, a trip into the high mountains near the ghost town of Crown King scheduled for the end of the month.
In the mean time I promise to iron out the bugs on Route 66 Info Center as soon as possible. Then I will streamline the blog. As always your creative input would be most appreciated.