On the “to do” list today was photograph a 1929 De Soto that was for sale. I was told the car was rough but complete.
Well, this is what I found. A rough but fairly complete and largely original 1929 De Soto sedan that is drivable in the sense that it will start and move under its own power as well as stop.

Here is the amazing part of this story. The car was donated to a local charity as part of an estate settlement.
The two fellows sent to recover it in Golden Valley, a small community about twenty miles from Kingman on the other side of a steep mountain pass, were told the car was drivable. What they weren’t told is that the car had not been driven in about a decade so they brought a new six volt battery, as requested, a few tools, and some gas.
They poured some gas into the tank and carb. Then they checked the oil and installed the battery. They then drove it to a nearby station to air up a low tire and proceeded to Kingman!
The car is in need of a full restoration but most everything seems to be with the car and there are even numerous spare parts including another dash. The chrome is excellent.
The left front fender is rusted through at the running board and there is a silver dollar size hole cut near the top of the crown. The rest of the body seems to be straight and rust free. I am unsure if the headlights are original or if just the lenses have been replaced as they have Ford script.
The charity is listing the car at a non negotiable price of $3,500. For more information contact Bernie at 928-718-9011.
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