Well, last evening I cleaned out an accumulation of odds and ends a decade in the making from the old wagon and taped a for sale sign in the year window. As I have a different (warped according to a few acquaintances) way of viewing the world the sign reads, “Transportation or future classic – your choice! $750.00.”
As with the passing of the scepter, the front plate with Civil War era design of an eagle clutching arrows and a flag with one word, “America”, emblazoned across the top was removed and placed on the front of the Jeep. And so a new era begins.
The rest of the evening was a quiet one spent with my dearest friend. After a simple dinner and glass of wine we selected a handful of photos for conversion to posters. These will be displayed at our first ever gallery showing on May 1, the kick off evening of the Route 66 Fun.
In conjunction with our work the gallery at Beale Street Brews will also be displaying the artistry of Jack Bauman and Wells Musgrave. Rounding out the exhibition will be a carefully selected assortment of historic photos courtesy of the Mohave Museum of History and Arts.
This was followed with gathering the reference material I will need for writing a profile of Charles Nash, the next installment of The Independent Thinker, my monthly column for Cars & Parts magazine. The game plan calls for writing the first draft this evening.
We closed out the night with a light hearted (?) episode of the Soprano’s. This series really fascinates me even though it is a bit more violent and crude than we generally care for. It is so well written and the characters are so well developed it is difficult not to be drawn into this fascinating story.
The website ( continues to an endless source of education. Now, in addition to ensuring there is fresh content, there is the issue of slow load time to resolve.
I have been chomping at the bit to do some gardening but here in the deserts of Arizona there is always the issue of water. So, inspired by a commercial for some bag where tomatoes grow upside down, we are turning the attention towards indoor gardening and hydroponics.
So, the grand adventure we call life continues. With each sunrise we begin anew with a fresh opportunity to learn from mistakes of the past and the promised hope of a brighter future.