An observant person can often tell the season by watching the movement of herds or flocks. Here, on Route 66 in western Arizona, the arrival of spring is marked by wildly fluctuating temperatures, desert breezes that blow steady at forty plus miles per hour, open toed shoes for the gals, and the ever increasing rumble of the Harley Davidson.
The folks at the Route 66 Museum in Barstow, California, had a special opening for a contingent of Spaniards on motorcycles. Last week we had a group of Austrians who had rented motorcycles in Chicago stop by.
In mid May I will finally get to meet with Dries Bressel with the Dutch Route 66 Association who will be riding through with some friends en route to California. We have been emailing for some time now and I have supplied news and photos of Route 66 for his website but we have yet to meet face to face over a cup of coffee and talk about this fascination with Route 66 and what I can do to fuel it.
However, the most sure sign that spring has arrived is the Laughlin River Run, a huge gathering of the faithful that come to celebrate the legendary Harley Davidson and the counterculture that has become almost inseparable from the motorcycle. Scattered here and there among the herds will be the independent thinkers, the daring few who will join in festivities with Triumphs and Honda Gold Wings, Indians and BMW’s.
As always I will keep my eyes peeled this weekend for classic examples of vintage motorcycles regardless of brand. Check back on Monday and I will post the results. Moreover, you might want to look at the Memory Lane Garage Page on my website, www.route66infocenter.com on Monday, May 4Th as the manufacturer of the month will be Harey Davidson.
If you are in the Kingman area next week on Friday evening check out the sock hop and Route 66 exhibit at the Beale Street Brews & Gallery on Beale Street. In addition to a sampling of our photography there will be historic Route 66 photos and the work of several other artists, good food, music, and lots of cars and motorcycles. I have a map for your convenience on the website.
On Saturday afternoon I will be signing Route 66 Backroads at the Power House Visitor Center as part of the Fun Run festivities. This fun filled celebration of America’s love affair with Route 66, the automobile, and the road trip is another sign that spring has truly sprung. Details and contact information for the Fun Run are also posted on the website.
However, you choose to celebrate the arrival of spring, by vintage car or motorcycles, drive or ride careful!