In the last post I noted the possibility there would be photos of Harley Davidson motorcycles with the entry for today. As you may have guessed from these photos there was a change in plans.
So, shall we try again next week? As I am covering the Route 66 Fun Run, after a half day at the office and a two hour signing of Route 66 Backroads at the power House Visitor Center, it should be a safe assumption that the compilation of photos chronicling the weekend will contain at least one or two Harley Davidson motorcycles.
In the mean time let me explain today’s photos. Then I would like to share with you a few of the exciting developments here on Route 66.
Okay, the original game plan called for cruising Route 66 Saturday evening in a hunt for vintage motorcycles. This safari was to begin and end at the local Harley Davidson dealer.
Well, the first fly in the ointment came with an endless string of delays at the office resulting in closure more than one hour after the scheduled time. I am quite embarrassed to say the last episode resulted in a fit of carnality and a few poorly chosen words.
In years past I was well known for my tirades and colorful language salted with home spun witticisms. Those days are long past and I now pride myself on patience and carefully selected words.
The fuse was lit Friday evening when a customer insisted on changing his reservation from Monday to Saturday morning. On several occasions he accentuated the fact we were most likely very incompetent but in spite of this shortcoming he would make his plans based on our assurance he could pick the truck up at 8:00 AM sharp. He arrived at ten minutes to noon, closing time.
As he impatiently paced the floor, checked his watch with theatrical flourish, and audibly expressed his discontent with being kept waiting with loudly audible sighs I was working with one customer that had missed the “Truck Drop” sign and gotten stuck between a pole and the rental cars. I had no sooner taken care of Mr. Impatience, who insisted on noting every scratch, reading every word on each form, even those in duplicate, and providing him with the district office number so he could file a formal complaint for being kept waiting, when a salesman from the Chrysler dealership next door called and requested my assistance.
It would seem a customer with a Penske truck had missed our driveway, turned into the Chrysler lot, managed to weave his way through two rows of cars before coming to an exit blocked a customer with a Dodge truck and trailer. It was at this point I slipped a cog and returned to a previous incarnation, one with some very sharp barbs.
As often happens when we give way to such expressions of immature anger and frustration things go from bad to worse. In this instance I had been scheduled to present a signed copy of a book to the tourism director for a charity fund raising event at 12:30. Now, I am an hour late, traffic on Route 66 is an endless stream of motorcycles as well as local and tourist enjoying their trip along the old double six.
I arrived minutes before the drawing but was to late for my presentation or to finalize preparations for the book signing at the Fun Run scheduled for this coming Saturday. The next big frustration came in the form of directions to resolve website issues ( that demanded immediate attention.
The correct response would have been to suck it up, deal with the problems, and praise God these delays didn’t happen next Saturday. I knew that but still flipped out. I wonder how long I can go before the next regression?
So, now its late Saturday evening. I most likely missed some great opportunities to photograph gleaming chrome under neon on Route 66 but I was whipped and simply called it a day.
Mid morning Sunday my dearest friend noted it was going to be a lovely day tailor made for a desert excursion, especially as the short lived blossoms of cacti and desert flowers were at their peak. She also noted that soon it would be to hot to enjoy our long walks in the desert on a Sunday afternoon.
It wasn’t a hard decision to make. On one hand I could search out motorcycles and the crowds and noise. On the other I could have solitude, meditate on God’s handiwork, reflect on the errors of the previous day, and enjoy the company of my dearest friend. As you can see I chose the later.
Thanks for suffering through my tale of woe. Now, let me share a few of the exciting things that are taking place here in my corner of the world along Route 66.
First, is the Fun Run. On Friday evening, we will kick off with a exhibit of historic photos and the work of three local artists – Wells Musgraves, Jim and Judy Hinckley – at Beale Street Brews & Gallery. This is our first showing for photography but the real excitement is a special piece that will be sold to raise funds for the restoration of a Packard Sales & Service sign that will be the cornerstone for the Route 66 historic sign renovation initiative.
This little item is a custom framed 16×20 inch signed print of the bottom photo on the cover of Route 66 Backroads and an offset promotional post card for that book. Accompanying this will be a signed first edition of the book. For more information or to place a bid contact the president of the Kingman Route 66 Association at 928-377-9684.
This ties into a new endeavor for us, limited edition prints and exhibitions. For more information or to inquire about either drop us a note. With that said you can enlarge any of our photos on this blog with one quick click. Please note, these photos are copyrighted.
The next little bit of excitement is the website – – now has most of the bugs worked out. This means I can begin building the ultimate one stop travel center for those planning a trip on Route 66 or a number of other historic highways.
As to the blog stay tuned. I will announce the winner of the free books in less than two weeks. On May 10 the plan is to visit Crown King via the incredible Senator Highway and as always I will provide photos and updates as soon as possible.
One last note for today. I know that economically things are looking a little shaky. Still, the best way I know of to beat the stress fueled by uncertainty about the future is a road trip accompanied with long walks. With that said take to Route 66, or the lost highway nearest you, for a day or a week this spring and summer and watch the stress melt away.
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