I started this mornings work schedule with getting the evaporate cooler ready for another season. It would seem summer is upon us and there is a concern on my part as it is a bit early for triple digit temps and things are already quite dry.

Next I wrote my column, The Independent Thinker, for the September issue of Cars & Parts. With Chrysler on life support and GM near terminal my recent features have been written with a tinge of sadness as I meditate on how vibrant, how diverse, and how dominate the American auto industry once was.
Last month I profiled Charles Nash and was left pondering the apparent lack of leadership at all levels of the corporate structure in our nation today. This month I wrote on the curious case of the Biddle and again found myself pondering the diversity that was once the hallmark of the auto industry. This photo is of a 1917 model Biddle.
Then I read about the forthcoming Rolling Thunder event in Washington D.C. and its history. Specifically I was getting some ideas on how we here in Kingman could best serve those headed east for this event.
Suffice to say that as I read about the event and its origins there was a sense of pride and renewed hope for the future of this nation. Here is a link with some details of the events origins. http://www.rollingthundermotorcyclerally.com/history.html
Now, its on to new business. First, is restoring some semblance of organization to the office before beginning the next projects – final edit for Ghost Towns of the Southwest and getting started on Ghost Towns of Route 66.
Other projects on the immediate weekend to do list include putting a new thermostat in Barney the Wonder truck, installation of a ceiling fan, and planning a grand adventure for fall. In the mean time there is the anticipation of meeting Dries Bressel this week as he rides through on his way west, another meeting of the Kingman Route 66 Association to advance the historic sign project, and some website work.
Fueling it all is the excitement and anticipation of another summer on Route 66!
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