One aspect of blogging, and posting on our companion site ( that never ceases to fascinate me is evaluating the comments at the end of the day. Judging by those received lately it seems the Rolling Thunder event in Washington D.C. has a large number of fans and a few detractors. This coupled with a recent program about the event has really piqued my curiosity.
A few weeks ago I began asking museums, mom and pop shops, and motels, as well as groups hosting events, all along Route 66 to send brochures or flyer’s that I could distribute here at the office. I also offered to post information at not charge on the website and blog.
Well, a few folks took me up on the offer but even more have stopped by the office for this information. With that said I again offer my services, at no charge, to those folks trying to make a living on the old double six or that are hosting an event they would like promoted.
If your looking for my office, an unofficial visitor center in Kingman, or need to rent a car for area exploration, here is a handy map. There are a couple of items to note on this map and at least one historical foot note.

If you expand this map Historic 66 becomes Andy Devine Avenue and the US 93 business loop. Now, look immediately to the south and you will see “National Old Trails Highway.” This is actually the railroad right of way but to the west of the office a portion of the road is still drivable.
This was the predecessor of Route 66. It was also used as Route 66 until at least 1934 and there are traces of pavement from that era. That is your Route 66, hidden gem of the day.
Now that you know where to find me, I hope you will stop by and sign the guest book. If you need directions I am pretty good at telling folks where to go, that is why I started writing travel guides.
Okay, Memorial Day. As has become our custom for this weekend, a copy of Saving Private Ryan has been secured for viewing and the grill is being prepped. I added to this years meditations on the sacrifices made by our veterans by buying a copy of Citizen Soldier by Mr. Ambrose on our last visit to Bookman’s in Flagstaff.
I would suggest this and Band of Brothers be made recommended reading material for any age group over fourteen. In spite of the heroic efforts made in recent years by our men and women at arms I often feel growing concern that our nation is becoming complacent, self servicing, and myopic in regards to what is required to maintain freedom and to keep a constitutional republic afloat.
The reason I read books such as these, or view Saving Private Ryan, on an annual basis is that a refresher course is often needed. Without this the pressures and joys of life here in the United States of America will dull my diligence as well as dilute my ability to be truly thankful to those who have sacrificed so much over the years.
A local Route 66 news item of note pertains to the silent auction for my donated print. This weekend it goes on display at the Power House Visitor Center.
The final bid will be accepted by the Route 66 Association of Kingman on May 26, 2009. Place you bid today for this one of a kind Route 66 souvenir!