I had a couple of quick minutes and as this will most likely constitute my lunch hour today it seemed like an ideal time for some quick Route 66 updates. Perhaps we can get a debate and discussion going about a couple of important topics.
First, there is the Harvey House Hullabaloo scheduled for today, June 5. I know this is short notice but if your in the neighborhood this sounds like a great deal of fun and the museums in the historic Harvey House complex could use a little support. The event and admission to both museums will be free today.
The next order of business pertains to the Arizona H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) rally for 2010. This ties into our first discussion of the weekend, the noise ordinances – pros, cons, more enforcement, less enforcement, etc. Any thoughts or ideas?
The tourism dollars derived from specialized events built on the iconic status of Haley Davidson are a true asset for a community, especially those that depend heavily on tourism or that are rural in nature and as a result have limited revenue streams. The current economic climate adds to the value of those dollars.
The flip side is the potential damage. Will the tourism dollars from this weekend offset the revenue lost from tourism dollars not flowing into the community that weekend as a result of the motorcycle themed event? If the community enforces reasonable noise ordinances will it curtail the number of participants? If it doesn’t enforce reasonable noise ordinances what will be the adverse affect on residents?
Kingman put in a valiant effort to host the event for 2010 but was beat out by Williams, a community that has a history of hosting motorcycle related events. On that note if Harley Davidson’s, Route 66, and cool mountain breezes are your thing then it might be a good idea to plan on being in Williams for Rumble on ’66 on June 19Th and 20Th.
If, however, you prefer your kicks on Route 66 at decibel levels that allow for conversation and the prevention of future support for hearing aid manufacturers you might wish to avoid Williams that weekend and instead get your fun in Kingman, the self proclaimed heart of historic Route 66. Scheduled for the evening of Saturday, June 20Th, “Chillin’ on Beale Street” is the first in a monthly series that will run through September.
In addition to classic cars and hot rods, as well as motorcycles, there will be good music, great foods, prizes, and some interesting automotive related games. These include a valve cover derby, fan belt toss, and tire herding. The event, in historic Kingman one block north of Route 66, is sponsored by the Route 66 Cruzers, Arizona Car Nutz, the Downtown Merchants Association, and the Route 66 Association of Kingman
On a final note my little office/museum/rental car agency/unofficial visitor center is turning out to be an excellent way for me to enjoy Route 66 and to meet the fascinating and pleasant folks who are seeking its treasures. In the past month I have met and dined with a delightful couple from Holland, another gentleman from Holland who chose a bicycle for the adventure, a fellow known best by his moniker “The Wombat”, some bikers from California, and a gentleman from Ohio reliving a childhood trip on the highway but this time seeing the sights from a Harley Davidson.
I hope anyone motoring west or east will stop in for at least a quick “howdy”. Perhaps you can stay awhile and take in the sites such as Chillin on Beale Street.