Noise ordinances are a popular subject of debate and discussion if on line forums present an accurate reflection of public sentiment. This piece from the Williams News in Williams, Arizona, is rather interesting.
First, it is not about Harley Davidson’s. Second, it is from a town that openly promotes itself as a haven and destination for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Patrick WhitehurstReporterTuesday, June 09, 2009
Patrick Whitehurst/WGCN WILLIAMS – A new ordinance to control noise levels in the downtown area is in the works, following a discussion on the matter by members of Williams City Council during their regular meeting May 28. Officials plan to look at the creation of a new ordinance, controlled by decibel levels, which may limit the volume of live music in the area during evening hours. The current noise ordinance, they said, is far outdated and no longer applicable to downtown Williams.Grand Canyon Hotel owner Oscar Fredrickson spoke to council members about the possible noise ordinance during the meeting. He said the noise issue stems from live musicians who play downtown at night, particularly during the summer months, but also during off-peak times as well. According to Fredrickson, the noise is so loud that many of his customers complain.”This came about two months ago when we had an incident with one of the bars in the central area,” Fredrickson said. “The difficulty we had is that we live and work in the same hotel, so we don’t actually close the doors at 5 p.m. and go to Country Club or go to a different part of the community where we don’t hear any of the noise.”
The feature continues with, “Council members spoke about the possibility of purchasing a device that would read decibel levels, should they enact a noise ordinance.According to Williams Police Chief Herman Nixon, using decibel levels to enforce city ordinance would be easily accomplished.
This is the section I found of particular interest. Most discussions on this topic that I have followed are full of whining but little substance. It would seem the old adage talk is cheap is timeless in nature. “There is a state statute that covers noise disturbance. The problem with that is that somebody has to be a victim and come to court with all this,” Nixon said. “Most people don’t want to do this. A decibel figure would work out perfectly for the police department.”
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