I never tire of the stunning scenery here in the desert southwest. Even better are the “never two the same” sunrises and sunsets. Is there a better way to start or end a day?
Now, as to new business. This Saturday night is the first of our summer “Chillin‘ on Beale Street” festivals. Food, music, old cars, food, and old fashioned fun just one block north of historic Route 66. Did I mention there will be food?
Well, if you are in the neighborhood I hope you will stop by. I have a feeling this is going to a very memorable evening under star studded desert skies.
The clock is ticking on the deadline for submission of mural ideas. So, if you have an artistic flair and want the world to know it here is your opportunity.
Jim Conkle and Bob Lile have earned real kudos for their efforts to get the Route 66 Pulse back on the road. I encourage every fan of the double six to support their efforts.
Today’s final note pertains to ghost towns of Route 66. I am really drawing a blank as far as Illinois goes so if you have ideas please share them.

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