We have been receiving requests for copies of photos that appear here on the blog, on the website (www.route66infocenter.com), in our books, and that accompany some our feature articles for quite some time. These requests as well as the positive response received at a fund raising exhibit at a local gallery prompted us to initiate a series of prints.
The first step was finding a professional photography shop that specialized in museum quality reproductions. This search led us to Tom Alexander photography in Flagstaff just a few blocks south of Route 66 on San Francisco Street. This in turn gave us an excuse for another adventure along the old double six.
This image of the Hilltop Motel, in Kingman, Arizona, was captured at sunrise the morning after a very rare snow. After careful consideration we selected it as the first for our “Icons of Route 66” series that will include other landmarks such as the Hackberry General Store, Cool Springs, Roy’s in Amboy, and Funk’s Grove.
This photo of an old cabin with Shep’s water tower in the background was taken in Chloride, Arizona. This will be the first in our “Ghost Town” series.
This series is very dear to us for a number of reasons. Tangible links to the past are fast vanishing in our ghost towns and these prints will help preserve that legacy.
The prints are 11″ x 14″ but are matted to 16″ x 20″. This is a bit of shameless self promotion but in all honesty I feel these prints would make excellent gifts, really add something to an office or den, and as they are the first in a series might even be seen as an investment.
The prints will tie in with the release of our next two books, Ghost Towns of the Southwest and Ghost Towns of Route 66. However, the ghost town series of prints will not be limited to preserving the legacy of towns in Arizona and New Mexico.
We have already captured a number of images in Rhyolite, Nevada. Plans are also under way to capture the ghosts of the old Sauk Trail.
So, if you would like more information about the prints please drop us a note. As additional service we are also now offering specialized shots for website or promotional needs.
Okay, on to new business. The Chillin’ on Beale Street event last week was so well received there will be another, larger Chillin’ on Beale Street for July. I will keep you posted on details and post photos this weekend.
Then there are the annual street drags which have been expanded into a full scale block party with a wide array of activities. This event has exploded in popularity and for the first time will be covered by ESPN this year. I will supply contact information and details for this event in upcoming posts.
The office/museum/unofficial visitor center seems to be growing in popularity. So, if your in Kingman stop by, we would enjoy meeting you and hearing of your adventure on Route 66. If you have an event, a shop, or museum on Route 66 send us the information and we will post it or make sure it is distributed.
If time allows drop us a note. We want this blog as well as our website to be informative, fun, and reader directed.
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