A corporate client asked for photos of trains in Kingman Canyon, a quintessential western landscape where two alignments of Route 66 run, one from 1939 and the other that is the orignal alignment and the route for the National Old Trails Highway. There are also two rail lines, and a sewage treatment facility that compete to detract from the stunning scenery.
To enhance the challenge to my fledgling skills they specifically requested a sunrise time for these photos. The results shown here are not my best work. In particular the sky has a dirty white sock quality to it that I do not feel is appealing.
So, tomorrow morning, at 4:30, we will try it from another angle. Perhaps we can have some clouds to accentuate the dawn.
Another client has requested photos of vintage buildings. As I was driving home this house, one of the oldest in Kingman, came to mind. I love this old place and wonder often why it hasn’t been resurrected and if it ever will be.

Trains seem to be the theme for this weekend. On Friday my pa rolled in from Michigan on Amtrak.
So, Friday night we caught up with him at my sisters house. Saturday after work, largely as a way to beat the heat of our first one hundred degree day, we went to the theater and watched The Proposal, a chick flick that was a rather refreshing change from the crude special effects laden films that seem to dominate the film industry today.
Saturday evening my son stopped by after work and we had our first Hinckley family dinner in more than five years. I should add food to the weekend theme as on Sunday morning, after my photography safari, we headed into the pine forested Hualapai Mountains for a brunch at Haulapai Mountain Lodge, a delightful little eatery a dozen miles south of Kingman and Route 66.
I am taking the next week off from the office for a vacation of sorts. The list of things that need to be accomplished are rather lengthy and include a final outline for Ghosts of the Sauk Trail, a complete layout for Ghost Towns of Route 66, the final edit for Ghost Towns of the Southwest, and arrangement with a gallery to handle the sale our prints.
Then if I get bored there are press releases and their distribution for the Route 66 Association of Kingman that include promotion for Chillin’ on Beale Street, the Street Drags, and the solicitation of monies as the organization has received a matching funds grant for the restoration of a vintage Packard sign. Another priority is extensive organizational efforts to rectify several years of being disorganized so I can start new projects which will in turn result in large piles that are disorganized.
I also have two meetings scheduled, one with the editor of the local paper and another with a real estate developer looking to build a promotional website. Additional website issues to be addressed are the writing of text for the Route 66 Association of Kingman site and try to figure our why my site, www.route66infocenter.com, has so little traffic.
All of these items, however, pale pale in importance to finding ways to savor time with my dearest friend. The heat will make that a challenge as it is not conducive to long walks in the desert, one of our favorite past times.
I suppose all of this helps me look forward to the return to the office for rest!
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