If at first you don’t succeed and all of that stuff. This morning I rolled out of the sack at 4:30 for another shot at capturing the trains in Kingman Canyon. If I do say so I think this mornings work does a better job of capturing the majesty of the canyon as a backdrop for the trains.

This view is looking west towards the Sacramento Valley. It also presents a more detailed portrait of why train enthusiasts come from and wide to view trains here.

This shot has a Route 66 connection of note. The trestle in the background has stood for more than eighty years. On page 82 of Legendary Route 66, Michael Witzel has a photo of this bridge and a car below it on the National Old Trails Highway from about 1916.
The road between the west bound train and the trestle is the National Old Trails Highway. This was also Route 66 until 1938.
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